15 Greguerias – After Ramon Gomez de la Serna

A balloon is only as good as the gas inside it
There’s nothing worse than an unfinished
Hats are the head of your clothes
It’s like chasing a kitten for no other reason than
it’s cute
The longest word in the dictionary is smiles – a mile between the two s’s
You are only as wise as you are not
My gentleness masks nothing but dulls your senses and so you feel nothing of the infected shank within you
It’s like holding a balloon, only to let it go
Catching the wind is like touching the stars
Having fear is like a snake slithering along a rocky path to try and shed its skin but it refuses, clinging on
Fuck greguerias

By ‘Imaginative Life’ Students: Daniel Kamalaneson, Jack Garrod, Baillie Roberts, Kristi McLellan, Teah O’Dowd, Clara Zaitounian, Tawana Cruz-Taing, Tasha Draper, Abigail Sampson and Connie Warburton from Luke Carman’s 5pm class.

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