About W’SUP

W’SUP: The student newspaper of Western Sydney University

Editorial team

Elected student editors for 2017 are:

Emma Del Dot

Iman Sohali

Michael Wright

Megha Kalra

Nicole Gismondo

Phil Craig


From student newsletter to cruWsible to W’SUP

A taste of things to come: Before the W’SUP, in the lead-up to 0 Week 2013, students contributed to a newsletter covering issues of the day with articles by then SRC President Luke Lau and mature-age student Peter Horsfield. The October 2012 edition of the Student Representation & Participation Newsletter was just the beginning ! The cruWsible’s first edition soon followed, and cruWsible has since attracted more than 250 contributors in its three-and-a-half year history, from 2013 to May 2016. In May 2016 cruWsible was renamed W’SUP by the student editors after gathering suggestions from the student body at Western Sydney University. The name change reflected the change in the University’s name from University of Western Sydney to Western Sydney University !

The history of student newspapers at Western Sydney University:

The Hawkesbury Agricultural College Journal, HAC, was the first student newspaper serving what is today known as Western Sydney University. HAC Journal was first published in 1898 by the newly established Hawkesbury Agricultural College Old Boys Union. Its pages from September 1914 were among the first to address the advent of “The Great War”. The opening lines read: “THE British Empire is at war! The last word has been spoken; the die has been cast; and the nations of the world have once more appealed to the sword as the arbitrament of international disputes, whilst the expression of friendship and goodwill have bravely left the lips of our treacherous enemy.”

Later incarnations of the student newspaper at Western Sydney University included Union Press for Young Academics Student Union Newsletter from 1973, TWOT Student Newspaper for Nepean College of Advanced Education from 1982, Nepean Echo Student Magazine from 1984, 1st Edition Student Newspaper for Nepean College of Advanced Education from 1986, Jumbunna from 1989, Berzerk Student Newspaper of University of Western Sydney from 1990, Hemlock UWS Nirimba Students Newspaper from 2003 and The Western Onion UWS Student Newspaper from 2005.

(thank you to the uni 25-year history blog  for the above info )

Get involved!

So, w’sup? We want your original articles, stories, artwork, photos, game and movie reviews and anything else that students might find interesting. Your submissions make W’SUP the voice of students at Western Sydney U.

Contact us

Submissions may be made and editors contacted at WSUP@westernsydney.edu.au

W’SUP is coordinated by the Student Representation & Participation team at Western Sydney University.


Student Representation & Participation unit at Western Sydney University:

This unit coordinates the annual student elections, supports the student councils, produces Diversity Fest, coordinates the Western Sydney University student newspaper, W’SUP, and provides advocacy services.

Manager: Richard Martino

Publications: Mick Hender

Administration: Jenny Page

Advocate: Pru Wirth

Student Engagement Officer: Yasmine Lewis