BREAKING: 1PSQ Evacuated

Maxwelle-Jane Dwyer (Images) and Michael Wright (Words)

12:45 PM


Students return to 1PSQ following an evacuation. Photo: Maxwelle-Jane Dwyer

Students appear to be being let back into the building. We’ll keep following leads, and update you if anything else happens.

12:42 PM

Crews from NSW Fire and Rescue are onsite. A number of sources report that the fire crews are congregating around one of the as-yet-unopened food outlets on the ground floor.


NSW Fire and Rescue vehicles onsite at 1PSQ. Photo: Maxwelle-Jane Dwyer



12:35 PM

W’SUP has learned that 1PSQ has been evacuated due to an unknown issue. Were currently investigating reports as they come in, but anyone with details should email



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