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Exploitation and wasted time: The reality of unpaid internships

October 25, 2017

Unpaid internships. The bane of existence for most communications/art students. Can’t afford to live off them, can’t get a job in the real world without...

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The Rules of Political (Dis)Engagement

April 27, 2017

How University Students can change the future of Australia. Following last year’s Federal Election, the Australian Electoral Commission released statistics on voter enrolment that revealed...

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Skateboarding in Tokyo: My Year Abroad

March 16, 2017

By Naomi Hastings From March 2016 up until February of this year, I had the amazing opportunity of going on a two-semester exchange program at Meiji...

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University with a Disability

February 19, 2017

By Elie El-Khoury Antonios: It’s February 25, 2014, my first day as a social work student at Western Sydney University. I remember it well. I hurried...

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Remembering Werrington South

I write this today as a representative of students in grief, staff in mourning and a university in shock. As you read this, tens (probably...

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W’SUP with our Research

February 13, 2017

“Research Unlimited”. “80% of Western Sydney U’s research is rated the world’s best”. “$5 million in new funding to drive improvement and new findings”. But...

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What did you do during the end of year break?

February 3, 2017

By Mel Macarthur, (With thanks to Robyn, Sarvana, Sam and Leah, my companions on the journey) Well, ten days of my time were spent leading...

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A Review of ‘Home Country’

January 31, 2017

Photo credit: Joshua Morris Julia Readett reviews a play for the Sydney Festival that sets a collision of cultures and struggles against the backdrop of...

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