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NOWSA 2016: Penrith Women’s Collective

July 23, 2016

By Winnie Dunn: When women get together there is a specific type of talk that cannot be replicated. It is a specific conversation of experience....

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Med Science students announce winners of science-inspired art comp

May 24, 2016

News from the MSSA: Throughout April, the Medical Science Student Association hosted a Science-inspired Art competition. MSSA would like to thank the student body for...

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Locked Out, But Not Blocked Out

By Luke Vincent: Thousands of people marched in protest against Sydney’s lockout laws, as part of a huge rally organised by the advocacy group Keep...

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Sarah Ferguson and The Killing Season

May 23, 2016

  By Helen Megalokonomos: About 180 academics and business leaders heard Four Corners journalist Sarah Ferguson speak about the Rudd-Gillard Era at a Women in Business event...

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Indigenous activist to head up NSW Senate ticket

April 12, 2016

By Ian Escandor:   Aboriginal activist and writer Ken Canning will head the NSW Senate ticket titled ‘For a People’s Movement’ in the coming federal...

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Why food waste matters and what you can do about it (in Parramatta !)

March 31, 2016

By Megan Hounslow: Food waste has been making headlines for good reason in recent years. Collectively, over a third of all food produced for human consumption never...

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Labor agrees to $2 billion cuts and changes to adversely affect students

December 2, 2015

By Beau Dunne: It has been reported by The Age that the Labor party caucus has agreed to 1.1 billion dollars worth of cuts to student funding....

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UWS, WSU or Whitlam ?

November 10, 2015

By Aldric Chuah: So the established board of directors has decided to rebrand the logo/image/name of the University. First off, hats off to Barney Glover our new...

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