What’s on at Western Sydney Uni

Erielle Sudario

March 7, 2018


Here are some of the upcoming events happening at WSU:

Coca-Cola ideation event (March 8 – 9)

Naked Communications and Coca-Cola Australia will be running a two-day design thinking event, rapidly ideating, developing prototypes and designing experiments to test them live over at Parramatta South Campus. The company thought it’s a good idea to have their target audience involved rather than targeting them.

If you are interested, contact Rebecca McCulloch via email R.Mcculloch@westernsydney.edu.au and provide a short paragraph on who you are and why you think you’d be a valuable addition to the team for this exciting project.

Dates for different campuses:

  • Campbelltown – March 12 [1PM – 2:30PM] –11.G.20
  • Kingswood – March 13 [1PM – 2:30PM] – P.G.34
  • Bankstown – March 14 [12PM – 1:30PM] – 23.G.41

Red Sparrow screening (March 14)

WSU students will gain free entry to the screening of Red Sparrow (starring Jennifer Lawrence) over at Events Cinemas in Parramatta Westfield.

This offer is exclusive for the first 100 students who RSVP so secure your ticket by emailing Nap.Samson@westernsydney.edu.au

Grocery bags and supper (March 15)

For the first 30 students, free grocery bags will be distributed over at the P9 Multi Faith Centre at 6PM – 6:30PM over at the Hawkesbury Campus.

Tiki bar night (March 15)

Kingswood campus is having a Tiki Bar Night over at the Bar Café in Building N. This event has free entry and expect live entertainment, free dinner at 8pm and a good time.

Dressing up tiki style is mandatory. This event is ONLY for WSU students. 18+ and older, please bring both student card and ID.

International student advising session (March 15 – 16)

International students are given the chance to ask questions in regards towards their education and stay in Western Sydney University. This is the perfect opportunity to know more of the support services provided by WSU.

Dates for different campuses:

  • Parramatta South – March 14 [12PM – 1:30PM] – EHa.1.30
  • Hawkesbury – March 15 [1PM – 2:30PM] – K4.G.67
  • Parramatta City – March 16 [9AM – 11AM] – Building 1, Level 8, Room 12

Harmony Day is the 21 March. It’s an Australian Government initiative to promote inclusivity for all Australians. Consider organising your own Harmony Day event. Bring a dish to share with colleagues or fellow students, or wear clothing that reflects your cultural background. Refer to  https://www.harmony.gov.au/resources/ for additional activities.

Playstation 4 Fifa 18 tournament (March 23)

Parramatta City campus is holding a Fifa 18 tournament. Feel free to brush up those gaming skills of yours and compete. To register, email Nap.Samson@westernsydney.edu.au

Public astronomy night (March 24)

WSU North Werrington is opening their Penrith Observatory to the public. The theme for the night is about the moon. Discussions on how it’s formed, type of eclipses, as well as a tour of the dome and a look at the telescope will happen on the event. Visit to the event site for more information

You can check more of the upcoming events over on Orgsync or at the Western Sydney University Page.

Author: Erielle Sudario

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