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Abigail Nash

November 1, 2017


It’s Cath’s first year at university and she is moving away from home to live on campus. Cath spends most of her free time working on her Fanfiction. She is obsessed by the fictional character Simon Snowa parody of Harry Potter. Although she is an amazing writer she prefers to disappear into the fantasy world of Simon to avoid reality. Cath’s family has fallen apart making her first steps into independence an anxious disorientating experience.

Cath has a twin sister Wren and up until high school graduation they did everything together. Despite enrolling at the same university Wren wants to go her own way. They won’t be sharing a room or moving in the same social circles anymore. Cath is on her own for the first time. Cath’s anxiety about her new situation limits her ability to take part in university life even to the point of her not leaving her room to buy food.

Cath finds herself relying on a quirky group of people who somehow help her to find her way. Raegan an older student offers her the tough love she needs and an unlikely friendship. Nick shares her passion for writing and Levi makes sure she is safe on her walk home from the Library.

A romance finally develops between Cath and an unlikely character but Cath is still negotiating her way through the emotional minefield her family has left her. Her father’s trip to hospital leaves Cath feeling vulnerable and helpless but it is then she comes to know whom she can depend on and truly trust.

If you have some spare time and enjoy reading this will make your soul smile.

Text: Abigail Nash

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