Queer Corner

by Jules River-Dates

Dear Queer Corner,
I’ve just hit the queer scene of Western Sydney: my OkCupid account is going off and I’ve got some hot dates lined up. I came out to my friends and family at the beginning of semester so I’m new to the queer dating scene. I was just wondering if STI checks are that much of a thing in the queer community? How would I broach the topic before I get freaky with some Westie queers?

Hi First exam.
Congratulations on coming out and diving head first into the queer dating world, I admire your energy! STI checks are just as much of a thing in the queer community as in hetero relationships. In fact, you might find it easier to talk about than with straight people you’ve dated. I’d recommend broaching the topic in an open, non-accusatory way and have some services up your sleeve to recommend your sexual partner if they’re not sure where to go. I have mates who go with their sexual partner on a cute health date, however, some people do prefer to go alone. Check out the Western Sydney Health Clinic in Parramatta or Mt. Druitt for more info. You can do an easy HIV test there plus other tests, and they have a thriving Indigenous sexual health program. ACON Western Sydney is a better option for trans folks and intersex people. Good luck on your incredibly exciting sexual journey and stay safe!

Dear Queer Corner,
I don’t usually send in questions but this one’s a bit of a whopper. I started University this semester and I have been having some unexpected feelings about my tutor. Her knee high boots and peasant skirts continually pop up in my dream, not to mention her voice when she reads feminism into Chaucer. How do I deal???

Hi Love-struck,
It’s completely normal to crush on your tutors and lecturers. Everybody does it and you’re not alone! Unfortunately, it would be slightly inappropriate for you to take things to the next level from your steamy dreams so I’d say just enjoy from afar and appreciate the sexiness of her intellectualism. You never know, you might find a fellow student who shares your passion for feminist readings of Chaucer and there’d be no stopping you to pursue things with her!

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