Queer Corner

by Jules River-Dates

Dear Queer Corner,
I have a cute friend who I’m working with on a group assignment. I don’t know if they’re queer. How do I ask him out without scaring him off?

Dear Crusher queer,
I’m so happy to hear your finding some possible crushes on campus! Nothing like a bit of knee-touching during group work to get the juices flowing. If finding out whether they’re queer for sure before you ask them out is important to you, drop the hint that you’re queer and see how they respond. Remember, a lot of us young people are exploring our identities and may not be fully ‘out’ or comfortable about who we are so be patient if the person seems unsure about their identity. Also, it’s no bad thing if you scare someone off, they might not be totally ready for a relationship or could be in a totally different headspace to you. Either way, I’m sure you’ll smash the assignment!

Dear Queer Corner,
I’ve been doing a lot of Googling lately and I think I haven’t found a label that suits my sexuality just right. I’ve been spending so much time think about it; it’s starting to get really stressful. What should I do?

Dear Queer friend,
I completely understand what you’re going through! There’s so much pressure in our queer circles sometimes to define ourselves it can feel just as constricting as some of the labels society tries to put on us. Some queers find labels really useful and validating in navigating their sexuality or gender, however, others don’t find it that useful for the reasons you shared. No one is more of an expert on your sexuality than you. Don’t let feeling like you need to be understood by anyone else through one or two words, make you forget how wonderful and individual you are. There’s a community of queers out there, the WSU Queer Collective who would love to have this discussion with you. You’re not alone on this, and there’s no rush to find what fits right! Don’t forget, you don’t have to commit to anything and you can change, grow and be fluid about how you identify!
Got a rainbow worry and looking for some advice? Send your questions to wsup@westernsydney.edu.au and Jules might answer them in the next edition.