Submissions + Deadlines

Dates for 2017:

Submission dates are midnight Sundays 3+ weeks prior to the next month’s edition!

Sunday March 5 for the April edition.
Sunday April 2 for the May edition.
Sunday July 2 for the August edition.
Sunday August 6 for the September edition.
Sunday September 3 for the October edition.


Publication dates: We are changing things up a bit for 2017. We will have an O-Week edition, out on February 10, and thereafter we will publish monthly during semester, coming out on the 1st Thursday of the month.

O-WEEK: Monday February 13
APRIL: Thursday April 6
MAY: Thursday May 4
AUGUST: Thursday August 3
SEPTEMBER: Thursday September 7
OCTOBER: Thursday October 5



Want to submit an article/poem/creative writing/review/photo/art/or whatever you think would be great for W’SUP? Have a read of the submission outline below and send your submission to us at

Submissions can be on any topic. We would like our writers to be as diverse as the student population of Western Sydney University. All students are encouraged to submit content.

  • Articles can be any length but we prefer anything less than 600 words.
  • Artwork or photos to accompany your article are strongly encouraged (with permissions)
  • Please double check spelling and grammar.


Submission stuff you should look at before you send it in:

The Student Editors may edit, modify, discard, publish, transmit, display, republish, refuse, move, or remove any submissions in any media.  Editors have no obligation to publish your submission.

With regard to your submissions, you agree that:

(1) Your submission is written, designed, captured or otherwise created exclusively by you and was not copied from another source; OR, all individuals that created or contributed in any way to your submission have granted you permission to submit your content, with full knowledge that Editors may exploit it in any manner whatsoever; AND you have obtained all necessary consents and releases from individuals (or the legal guardians of such individuals) depicted in your submission for you to submit your content, with full knowledge that Editors may exploit it in any manner whatsoever.

(2) Your submission does not threaten, harass, intimidate, abuse others or use language that is intended to insult others. You may not make any negative comments that are connected to race or national origin, gender, socio-economic background, sexual preference, religion or physical handicap.

(3) You do not make false statements in your submission or in connection with any submission to Editors. If you think something is not true, don’t say it (and don’t ignore indications that something may not be true. If in doubt, leave it out). This goes for anything you say about another person. Don’t defame, libel or disparage anyone. And, always be truthful about yourself. Don’t pretend to be another person.

(4) Your submission does not encourage violence, instigate violence or describe how to perform a violent act.

(5) Your submission does not and will not promote illegal activity (doesn’t discuss or encourage anything illegal; if someone could go to gaol for taking action suggested in your submission, don’t send it in).

(6) Your submission follows the Journalists’ Code of Ethics.

Now send it through to us!