The lonely dandelion and the magical breeze: poem

By Angelico D. Aputen:

There was once a dandelion that stood on grass, joyful as it looked up to embrace the magical breeze. Although, it tried to flap its yellow petals, pity, it couldn’t move from its place.

It continued to look up to feed on more magical breeze alongside rich and glorious rays.

One night, the dreadful moon revealed its shadows that blanketed over the lonely dandelion. It didn’t scare the dandelion. Instead, the moon gave a reason for it to laugh once more.

The following day, the dandelion looked somehow different. It was bowing to the ground as if it was grieving alongside with the burned grass.

The dandelion stood once more preparing its final flight then the magical breeze came back, finally fulfilling the dandelion’s wish to explore places.


image: George Thomas

dandelion moon by george thomas 


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