Curator Exhibition Talk – Dedicated to the Dedicated

Visit our new exhibition for an exclusive Curator talk and the first public display of the Whitlams’ Folio, a unique collection of artworks gifted to Gough and Margaret Whitlam in 1979. Curator Guy Betts will bring the exhibition to life with expert interpretations and behind-the-scenes stories of this exhibition’s production.

This will be the only Saturday opening for Dedicated to the Dedicated: Whitlam, the Arts, and Democracy, which celebrates the Folio, inscribed with a message of thanks to Gough and Margaret Whitlam for ‘the marks they have made on the Australian canvas’.

Featuring works by John Olsen, Brett Whiteley, Lloyd Rees, John Coburn, Arthur Boyd and more, the exhibition also examines how the Whitlam Government’s support for the arts helped to nurture, encourage and legitimise a new, distinctive Australian sense of self.

The gallery will be open from 11am to 4pm for general viewing of the exhibition.

For more information and a sneak preview of other artworks visit our website: