Flip the Script: Free Youth Open Mic/Workshop


A safe space for under 26 year olds to showcase anything they want, but we welcome everyone of all ages to watch and support our performers.

We want our youth to “flip the script” and share their many talents; challenge stereotypes, address issues and action change. You can perform anything — poetry, music, stories, magic. We’ll give you a stage, a mic and you can choose how to use it.

How is an open mic different to a poetry slam?
There are no strict time limits (but don’t take 5eva on stage) and no judging involved. Flip The Script is a space for you to perform whatever you want to, without any rules.

FLIP THE SCRIPT IS EXPANDING! BPS is now providing a free writing feedback service for youth! Simply submit your piece to the email below, and our very own Deema will be who gives feedback.

✒️ If you are under 12 years of age, please use your parent’s or guardian’s email.
✒️ Pieces will not be shared without your permission
✒️ Please allow for up to a week to receive feedback

If you have any questions, please email flipthescript@bankstownpoetryslam.com

6:30pm-8pm @ Bankstown Arts Centre