Giant Leap: Future

Featuring works by artists Christelle Hug, Michael Cook, Kalanjay Dhir, Clinton Gorst and David Greenhalgh, Future looks at the artworks of the 1950’s and 60’s and their creative imagining of the future.

Drawing on the films and posters of this time, the artists have created their own updated versions of future cities, transport, domestic gadget and AI, providing both utopian and dystopian visions.

GIANT LEAP is a multi-arts program of events and exhibitions. The program includes the exhibitions Memories of the Moon Landing in the Marsden Gallery; High Loom large-scale installation in the Turbine Hall by Lisa Sammut; Astronaut in the Switch Gallery; Future in the Upper Turbine Gallery; and, Under the Same Moon in the Hopper Gallery.

Location: Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre
Time: August 18 – September 9
Entry: Free
Image credit: Clinton Gorst, Desert Station (2018), Paper collage on wood board (detail).