Law vUWS 2019: Opportunity for Students -WSU City Challenge

The 21C Project  and The Academy in partnership with Common Purpose are delivering a unique and interactive 2-day Curiosity Pod, The City Challenge, on 27 and 28 February at Parramatta South.

The City Challenge addresses the question, “How should Western Sydney embrace renewable and resilient energy to help achieve net zero emissions by 2050?” It will provide opportunities for up to 500 students from all disciplines to develop skills, capabilities and understandings relevant to the needs of the future of work and utilise partnership pedagogies, and will help develop the students’ leadership capacity through cross-disciplinary collaboration, community and industry engagement.

The City Challenge is an example of Western Sydney University’s 21C Curiosity Pods, a uniquely Western opportunity for students to follow their curiosity while they study for their degree. Curiosity Pods offer engaging and accessible, bite-sized university-level learning experiences which equip students for success in today’s rapidly changing workplaces and societies and focus on developing students’ capabilities as; Future Thinkers, Innovative Entrepreneurs, Global Citizens and Sustainability Advocates.

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