Parramatta River Cleanup – Silverwater Park

Join local families in helping to improve the health of the Parramatta River by removing a heap of rubbish along the foreshore at Silverwater Park.

Together, let’s help make Parramatta River swimmable again! Come for 10mins, 50mins or 2hrs – it all makes a huge, immediate difference! We held our 1st clean up at Silverwater Park in August this year and collected over 10 BIG bags of rubbish (see pic)!

We’re heading back to pick up the rubbish that’s since washed down Duck River and along Parramatta River, plus bits that we missed last time. It will be low tide when this clean up is on so we can get closer to the river on the sand, on the outside of the seawall. But there is also plenty of rubbish in the park.

*Description from the event*