Sydney Ideas – Seeing the unseen: from brains to black holes

How does the mind conjure an idea of something that doesn’t exist, or that we haven’t experienced?

A big part of ground-breaking science is seeing what couldn’t be seen, imagining the unimaginable. Every great scientist has a fundamental capacity for creativity.

What is the limit of our brain capacity and how can we translate potential brainpower into powerful discoveries? Hear Fernando Calamante and Michael Barnett from Sydney Imaging and the Brain and Mind Centre talk about how to map brain structural networks, and how networks can be affected in disease. Physicist Céline Boehm will be talking about the recent images of black holes and dark matter. Joining them is philosopher David Braddon-Mitchell.

To close out the programme, Benjamin Carey will be performing a new audio-visual performance for modular synthesiser and live visuals. His performance will interactively explore some of the event’s themes through interactive sound and visuals.

ACCESS: This event will be Auslan interpreted and have live captioning. The venue provides wheelchair access and hearing infrared system.

ENTRY: Free with online registrations essential. Register at

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This event is held during Innovation Week, which celebrates landmark discoveries and transformative inventions by the University’s academics and students.