Sydney Ideas – When will the military have its #MeToo moment?

As global movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp rapidly gain momentum in exposing systemic sexual assault and abuse, the military appears to have been left behind.

Our speakers will aim to get to the heart of this issue and answer the following questions:
– How does the media talk about military sexual assault?
– Why haven’t the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements been embraced by service members?
– Is military sexual violence an ‘inevitable’ by-product of having men and women working together – can it be prevented?

– Samantha Crompvets, Rapid Context
– Eda Gunaydin, University of Sydney
– Ellen Haring, Service Women’s Action Network
– Shannon Sampert, University of Winnipeg
– Antonieta Rico, Women in International Security
– Megan Mackenzie (Chair), University of Sydney

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This event is part of Megan Mackenzie’s SSSHARC Pop-up Research Lab and is co-presented with the Centre for International Security Studies.