TEDxParramatta 2019

Shaping tomorrow, together
Join us for TEDxParramatta 2019
Celebrate the diversity of Parramatta, people and their ideas to shape a better tomorrow for all. This year you’ll be exposed to how the mosquito can change urban planning, consider how on-demand services have changed citizen engagement, reflect on the importance of people-centred organisations, and much more!

Speakers include Christopher Goatley, Dean Williamson, Merryn Spencer, Amanda Rose, Dr Cameron Webb, Lakshmi Logathassan, Nipuni Wijewickrema and Renee Thomson.

Lunch will be provided by Koshari Korner and is included in the ticket price (they are vegan friendly, however if you are gluten free, please contacts us on TEDxParramatta@gmail.com).

Tickets are sold here

Learn more about our speakers:
Christopher Goatley is a marine biologist and postdoctoral researcher. He is interested in the biodiversity of coral reefs, especially the important roles of fish. He’ll pose the question, are tiny fish keeping coral reefs alive?

Lakshmi Logathassan is the daughter of Tamils who fled Sri Lanka. She was born and raised in Western Sydney. Lakshmi is proud of the positive and powerful acts of leadership that young people are displaying in Australia and across the globe. As the founder and coordinator of The Laptop Project, she has enabled hundreds of disadvantaged students to gain access to a digital education.

Amanda Rose has made it her mission to ensure every person living in the west knows their value. She is a strategic connector, keynote speaker and Founding Director of Western Sydney Women. Join Amanda as she explores how Western Sydney has gone from stigma to the new frontier.

Merryn Spencer has worked extensively in regional Australia and western Sydney, talking to communities about what matters most. She is interested in the development of communities and how we use citizen engagement to create real conversations. She’ll be talking about how on-demand services are influencing citizen engagement.

Renee Thomson is a proud Wiradjuri woman devoted to creating tangible, social change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across the country. Raised in Western Sydney, Renee brings the lived experience and reality of walking between two worlds, the western and the traditional.

Dr Cameron Webb is a scientist who spends his summers sloshing about in the wetlands of Sydney seeking out mosquitoes and working out how best to beat their bites. His talk will explore how green cities are great, but what about mosquitoes?

Nipuni Wijewickrema is a young woman trying to change the world “one flower and gift hamper at a time”. From the bathroom, Nip has shown other local organisations how to create safe working environments for people with special needs.

Dean Williamson gets (and likes) people and organisations: he’s a coach, facilitator, analyst, science-nerd and organisational development specialist who co-runs Human Systems Co. He’ll get you on board with the idea that people-centred organisations are good business.