A letter to a “President”


 “The following open letter shares opinions that may or may not be shared by the Publications Committee, publisher of W’SUP. We do hope that the social, industrial, economic and political crisis comes to a harmonious resolution for the people and the natural environment of Sri Lanka as soon as practicable.”

Sri Lanka flag waves in wind
The Sri Lanka flag in the wind. Photo: Mariana Proença on Unsplash

The “you” I’m referring to, are the presidents, alongside everyone else who saw the corruption going on, took part in it and denied your actions, which has led to the situation today in my precious island, Sri Lanka.

You know everything.

You are seeing people suffer, you are seeing the queues all over the country, and you are seeing people drop dead after 12+ hours of staying in line to feed their families. You see all this and still choose to stay in that seat that was once applauded. You all, deep down, know everything that each of you has done for personal gain. Politics can be wonderful, it allows you to be a voice for the voiceless, and to raise nations from poverty. But that has not even been a thought that lingered in your mind or your regime’s. That’s for sure. There’s most of the youth still choosing their words with so much patience, still fighting for their rights while respecting you all as adults, but look at you. No integrity to listen to them, to fix the problems that you created. How can you? When little by little, your frauds are discovered, your own words can’t save you, and your humanity is questioned.

The people don’t deserve the corruption that they have been put through, year after year. You’ve clearly chosen who your family is, and that’s not the people dying from your actions. You swore you’d protect and support them, the day you got elected. How you smiled to the camera to give a speech, oh how people wish they knew your hopeless, false promises. Look at what that did. Look at what many honest people in my country are going through because power hypnotised you and money took your soul.

How many should die? How many citizens, even with jobs, deserve to eat only a meal a day? How many children should feel the extra pressure of growing up where they can’t reach their dreams? How many? How many? How many will it take to end your corrupted thoughts?

I won’t ever wish you bad. But, somewhere out there, the repercussions of our actions never just get forgotten. Some things wait for us. And I know your presence is awaited there too. Your utter lack of ability to have compassion for even your own people will haunt us here and it may haunt you there.

I hope we take the rose-coloured glasses off now and are fortunate enough to not meet you again.

Do you still think you know everything?

Look around.

You know nothing.

“Our thoughts are with our fellow Sri Lankan students at Western Sydney University, if you are a Western student or someone you know is experiencing distress or in need of support, contact student services on 1300 668 370.”

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