W’SUP News is thrilled to announce the launch of our first-ever Editor’s Choice award, set to be presented at the Student Leaders’ Gala on 1 December this year! 🏆

Our student-led publication is dedicated to amplifying student voices to express their unique insights – and address issues that resonate with our student community.

We invite all currently enrolled students to submit their finest work, whether it’s an investigative report, a thought-provoking feature, an outstanding piece of non-fiction writing, or perhaps even an assessment you’ve impressed yourself with (yes, we’re talking to you journo students!!).

Don’t hesitate – give it a shot! ✨Find detailed submission guidelines and criteria via the submission link below.

For further information or inquiries, kindly reach out to W’SUP News at

Submit here:
Submissions close: 31st October, 11:59 pm



Do you have an article, poem, video, podcast, or anything else in mind that you think would be great for W’SUP? Then send it in! W’SUP accepts pitches for content, and if we think the pitch has potential, we will get back to you and develop the idea with you.

Who can contribute 

We welcome submissions from Western Sydney University students and staff. External submissions may be considered, but submissions from students will be prioritised.

Pitch guidelines

You can pitch a story idea to us first before going ahead with it, or you can send through a completed piece [check ‘Submissions Guidelines’ below].

  • Relevance matters: Your content should be relevant or relatable to Western Sydney University’s students.
  • Articulate the tone: Clearly indicate the tone of your piece, whether it’s journalistic, a short story, a review, or something distinct.
  • Who and what: If applicable, highlight your sources and interviewees for a richer context.
  • Approximate length: Provide an estimated word count for your finished work.
  • Recommended word count: Keep your pitches within 200 words.

Submissions guidelines

We accept submissions all year-round, including written articles, videos, photography and podcasts.

  • Recommended word count: Though flexible, we recommend 400-600 words for non-analytical pieces & 600 – 1000 words for analytical pieces.
  • Relevance matters: Your content should be relevant or relatable to Western Sydney University’s students.
  • Contact details: We like talking to our contributors directly – share your phone number and email address for smooth communication.
  • Originality and ethics: Work must be original in nature, not infringe copyright or be in breach of any legislative requirements or ethical considerations.
  • Images: We recommend that you provide images, although our editors can source images on your behalf otherwise. If so, please ensure they are high-resolution, credited and licensed for use.
  • Journalistic integrity: All journalistic content is required to abide by the MEAA Journalist Code of Ethics and must be factual.
  • Quality check: All work must meet publishable quality standards. While our editors can help you make your piece more publishable, please ensure you have already checked your written content for any structural, grammatical and punctuation errors before submitting it.

W’SUP editors reserve the right to edit your work or not publish it.

How to submit

Simply shoot us an email at 

While we endeavour to get back to you as promptly as possible, please note that our W’SUP editors are volunteers. We greatly appreciate your patience! 

Any questions?

Please send us a message with your contact details, and we will endeavour to get back in touch with you as promptly as possible. Alternatively, you can also reach us through our W’SUP Instagram or  Facebook page.