Bankstown, we have a problem! Power blackout shuts down campus

Students and staff were asked to leave Bankstown campus yesterday as a power cut shut down the entire campus. Computer systems, landline phones, lighting and pretty much everything else stopped functioning.

A fault in the external supply at Bankstown campus caused a power outage lasting 45 minutes. Matthew Dakin, director of campus security, said “Well-rehearsed procedures from campus security and infrastructure services were put into place.”

Senior executives were notified of the incident, and emergency services were called after a person was found trapped in a lift. Thankfully the individual was trapped for only a few minutes.  When asked about the incident, Matthew Dakin said, “I would have directed the lift be torn apart and destroyed it if need be, but yesterday this was not the case.”

Research protection procedures were enforced so information was not lost. Batteries and generators were activated. Sound procedures and the immediate response alleviated a potential threat to campus security.

Bankstown campus’s electricity supplier warned Matthew Dakin that “summer temperatures and the subsequent demand on supply will increase the risk of further black outs.” Matthew is however confident that “we are ready.”

Although these words are reassuring it does draw attention to the Liberal Party’s energy crisis. Earlier today, MP Josh Fryendberg a Liberal in the House of Representatives, made a statement on ABC News calling  for stability in the grid and to drive down prices.

Renewable energy groups say investment in renewable energy will push down power prices, but despite this, the government is investigating both coal powered and renewable options.