Carving his way to the tip

By Edelle Gettings:
Carving the way for experimental artists everywhere, Russian-based artist Salavat Fidai is at
the tip of success.
Once a lawyer, this eye-for-detail genius quit his day job for the world of art, gaining fame
from miniature pencil sculptures.
With a pencil in one hand and remarkable patience in the other, Fidai carves everything from
iconic landmarks to intricate small animals, to even Darth Vader.

But Fidai was not expecting such a large fan base to form.
“I did not expect my micro sculptures to be so popular,” Salavat said
“For me it was just another way to experiment. I hope that soon I can surprise people with
another form of art.”
Gaining world-wide recognition with over 127 thousand Instagram followers, Fidai’s success
wasn’t born overnight. Salavat Fidai started young, drawing beside his parents
who were also professional artists.
Fidai’s transition into sculptures started with picking up a simple piece of chalk.
“In elementary school, I carved the school chalk into sculptures of ancient Gods,” the artist
“My parents were professional artists, so from a young age they have taught me to love art.”
Turning chalk into lead, Fidai brought Darth Vader to life starting his pencil sculpture
collection after seven careful attempts.
“I cut it seven times. For me it was an interesting experience,” Salavat said.
“Micro sculptures often break down because the graphite is a very fragile material.
“With each new attempt I got a new experience and I am still learning every day.”
Salavat Fidai isn’t just a pencil-carving-genius, he also experiments with pumpkin seeds and
unused matchboxes, using them as a blank canvas for paintings like Van Gough’s ‘Starry
“I want people to know me as a versatile artist. Today, it is a micro sculpture, but tomorrow
it may be an art installation or street art.”
Salavat Fidai has certainly carved his way to success. You can watch his story unfold on his
Instagram @salavat.fidai