crUWSible? Do we need a new name?

by | Sep 15, 2015 | First Person

By Marco Tomasello:

I read recently in the print version of the crUWSible that you guys are thinking about the name of the paper. I personally think that you should leave it as the cruwsible just to stick it to the uni given the whole rebranding ‘controversy’. However, if that’s not possible I thought I’d air a few suggestions:

I initially thought ‘The Blue Bird’ would be a good name change. However, if the crUWSible is out, I suspect such a name would encounter the same problem. So another thought came with regards to one of the biggest accusations around the rebranding, that the new logo is unoriginal and to an extent stolen from other universities. The one I hear spoken about most often is Harvard, but I also read in the crUWSible that the University of Wisconsin at Madison has a very similar logo (which seems to be confirmed from a brief internet search). The student papers of these two institutions are The Harvard Crimson and The Daily Cardinal (it seems self-evident which is which). I thought perhaps some amalgamation of these two papers would be appropriate, to again ‘stick it’ to the uni.

However, if a serious and not so flippant name is desired, perhaps something involving the word ‘tribune’ (‘The Whitlam Tribune’ immediately comes to mind), as the word is defined as “a person who upholds or defends the rights of the people” – a goal it seems the crUWSible is striving towards. Indeed it is the title given to officers of the ancient Roman Empire whose duty it was to protect the interests and rights of the commoners from violation by the aristocracy. I think this would be a good basis for a student paper ‘for the students, by the students’.

Just my two cents

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