Mentee to mentor: TJ Leonard and Indigenous Mentoring

Words by AIME Mentor, TJ Leonard:

It’s a bit overwhelming! I’m the first in my family to finish school and go to university. I want to

encourage my younger cousins and family to finish school and do whatever they want, like

university, a trade, or something.

The hardest part about year 12 is probably the time management. With study and everything, it’s

so hard to have a social life. I overcame it by working my study around what I had to do, like football training, games and everything else.

The good part about year 12 is that you get really close with the teachers, closer than at

junior school. It was just a wierd feeling, finishing school and not doing anything for a few

months until uni started.

I’m looking forward to meeting new people who are doing the same as me, as well as meeting people in

other courses.

From being a mentee, I just want to give back to AIME (Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience) and show kids that it’s cool to finish school and to do whatever you want with your life after school.


Take advantage of the help that they offer, c’ause it’s hard through year 12. And also just have fun

with it.

Because when you finish school, you do miss it.

TJ Leonard –  2015 AIME Mentee, 2016 AIME Mentor.

If anyone would like to get involved in the AIME WSU program they can contact Centre Manager Hannah Cheeseman at hch@aimementoring.com