Oh Deer I’m Queer!

By Faelan Mourmourakis, Hawkesbury Queer Officer:

Say hello to Hawkesbury Queer Collective’s new mascot. A peryton is a mythical hybrid creature combining the features of a stag and a bird. The peryton design was decided upon by the members of the Hawkesbury QC to create a better sense of community and pride, all artwork having been designed by a member of the QC. The unicorn has been a long-time popular symbol of the queer community. Following this theme of solidarity with mythical creatures, a peryton was voted in favour for the new mascot. Influenced by Hawkesbury campus, a prominently agricultural and science based campus surrounded by farms, including hand raised deer.

We’re now happy to announce the winning name of our new mascot! Suggestions for names were taken by Hawkesbury Western Sydney U students and an online vote decided the name of our rainbow mascot. It is now official, as decided by the Western Sydney U community that the Hawkesbury QC’s mascot’s name is:

Peire the peryton!

Thank you to everyone that voted and suggested names.

Hawkesbury’s queer space is located in Stable Square (K4.G.79) next to cuts on campus. Look for the rainbow door!

To find out more about what is happening in the Hawkesbury Queer Collective follow us on:

Facebook page: facebook.com/hawkqcuws/
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