SRC President’s Report

By Jarrod Bradley:

Jarrod Bradley is a third year medical student at UWS, obsessed with students’ rights and fighting for these as your SRC President in 2015…

It’s been a tumultuous year for the SRC in 2015. We’ve seen students gain access to Opal Concessions, we’ve supported campaigns like Red Week, we’ve opened discussion channels with the Vice Chancellor Professor Barney Glover & Vice President (People & Advancement) Angelo Kourtis, and we’ve seen the student discussion and backlash to the rebranding of our beloved University of Western Sydney.

As President of the UWS SRC it has been so encouraging over the last few weeks to see students from all backgrounds unite behind our name and brand of UWS to defend against a university rebrand, and although this campaign may not stop the change, it has made a massive difference. People now understand and respect the love UWS students have for their university, and this has further opened the channels for student feedback with the university. From here we can advocate early on changes and stay up-to-date as events arise, but more importantly for the SRC, it shows that we have a multitude of students passionate and capable of stepping up to run our Student Representative Council next year.
The SRC is looking to re-establish its prominence at UWS and become the champions of representation that our students deserve. So far this year we have been advocating for changes to welfare, parking, and other important issues. We believe that student education, facilities, and support should be the highest priorities of UWS, and we want these placed higher than “appearances.”

So, remember, if you’re passionate about student advocacy and positive changes for your university, elections for the SRC are coming up later this year. If you are interested please get in contact with my fellow Councillors or contact me directly.