What is the SRC and why do I need to know?

The Student Representative Council at Western Sydney University provides students with an opportunity to participate in a leadership role within the university. SRC members are elected by the student body and are in a privileged position to represent students. Story by Abigail Nash.

SRC members are expected to

adhere to a strict code of conduct.

-SRC members must be accessible to the students they were elected to serve.

-To make decisions in the student’s best interests.

-To respect student’s religion and culture.

-To uphold the collective decisions of the meetings.

-To use integrity, honesty and sober thinking.

-Contribute to and share responsibility

for collective decisions.

-Represent the councils’ policies on

appropriate public occasions.

-Prepare for and attend all meetings and committees they

are a member of.

-Be accountable and open about the decisions and actions they take.

-To advocate for particular issues SRC members are interested in.


The SRC provides students

-Campus activities and events.

-Student advocacy services.

-SRC meetings to discuss student’s needs.


Key People

President: Cheryl Jendrachowski  -Campbelltown Rep

Vice President: Naomi Hasting – Parramatta Rep

E: vicepresident@westernsrc.org

Oliver Pocock -Bankstown Rep

Campus Reps
Bec Hill – Bankstown Rep
Jane Tucker – Bankstown Rep
Mathew Bojanic – Campbelltown Rep
Jordan Idiare – Campbelltown Rep
Liahni Britton – Hawkesbury Rep
Natalie Hoskins – Hawkesbury Rep
Rassol Haideri – Parramatta Rep
Hassam Saleem – Parramatta Rep

Mandii Carr – Penrith Rep
Rachel Hardie – Penrith Rep
Josephine Paculio – Penrith Rep


This article includes a rewording and summarization of the code of conduct. The full code of conduct can be found on Orgsync.com


Each campus has a Student Campus Council. Selected members of each of these make up the Student Representative Council.