poem: Imagine

by | Sep 30, 2015 | Culture Vulture

By Rianna Marie Chanco:
I lay here in bed staring into space,
Dreaming and imagining of what it’s like to see your face.
I’d imagine every part of me is filled with endless bliss, As I lean in closer and give you a kiss.I don’t know who you are yet but it’s never late,
Hope is very real and it has helped me to wait.
I’ll grow wiser with experience as life hands me its thrill, Until then I’d like to imagine the empty space that you’ll fill.Even though I’m deprived and my heart cannot heal, I know somewhere out there you are very much real.
I imagine you’re missing something you can’t seem to see, Expressing feelings of uncertainty as to what it could be.All this anguish will prepare us for what’s heading our way, Just imagine what it’s like when you come to me and stay.
No more longing, no more hurt, just our journey toward home, There’ll still be hardship but you’ll never have to do it alone.Don’t be filled with regret, right now you cannot see, For every mistake you’ve made has led you closer to me.
You’ll be my light, my hope, my dreams,
There’ll be a day where I no longer have to imagine, Because you’ll be laying right here with me.
IMAGE: Anita

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