9 things to do with your W’SUP that don’t involve reading it


A lot of people ask us what actually goes on at editors meetings, we’d love to tell them that we sit, edit and talk about the ethics of highbrow journalism while drinking expensive coffee. In reality we usually sit, cry on the shoulder of our publications officer and do our best to avoid actually reading our own publication. Hence the birth of “9 things to do with your W’SUP that don’t involve reading it”.


1. Fashion yourself a funky hat
You’ll be the envy of all who cross you whilst wearing your funky W’SUP hat. Made from paper, it’s 100% recyclable and 100% awesome. Pro tip: we experimented with it and it does float, however it won’t remain seaworthy for long.
Instructions available here


2. Write your friends notes
Why waste a perfectly good piece of clean paper on your friends when you can leave them notes on a W’SUP. Not only will they get your message, they’ll also have some backup reading, should your message bore them.


3. “Accurately” predict the future
Fold yourself a classic primary school chatter box and use it to predict the “future”. What will the uni cut funding to next? Will you be able to park at Parramatta today? Will Vice-Chancellor Barney Glover ever grow his hair back? Use your chatterbox to find out.
Instructions available here



4. Get the attention of your friend or lecturer with a W’SUP plane
In the silent section of the library and need your friend’s attention? At the back of the lecture hall and not on the lecturers radar? You’ll get their attention with a W’SUP paper airplane (subject to quality of construction and clarity of flight path).
Instructions available here


5. Hide from creepers or be a creeper with a W’SUP face shield
A picture is worth a thousand words…


6. Make yourself a W’SUP stress ball
Feeling stressed? Take a page out of your W’SUP, crunch it into a ball and SQUEEEEEZE! Fair warning: the pages are a little bit pokey.


7. Make yourself a bookmark
Fold a W’SUP into a bookmark and use when pursuing your other “reading passions”. Although if you’re avoiding reading W’SUP you probably aren’t reading this or anything else.


8. Settle a score using your W’SUP wand.
Step one: get your mind out of the gutter.
Step two: fashion you and your arch nemesis a wand.
Step three: DUEL!
Disclaimer: W’SUP does not encourage violence on campus, but if you see two people going at it with W’SUP wands, please send photos to wsup@westernsydney.edu.au so we can all have a good laugh.


9. Get classy with a W’SUP hair bow or bow tie
Nothing says class more than turning up to a tute with you very own W’SUP hair piece or bow tie. It will take your boring non-W’SUP outfit and turn it into a glorious masterpiece that will be remembered and revered for centuries to come.


And that’s it folks, hope you have fun with your newfound W’SUP uses!


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