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As the year draws to a close, exciting things are in the works for early 2022. Western Sydney will be gaining a new indoor sports centre, set to open in March 2022.

The Billbergia Indoor Sports Centre, which will be located in Camellia, Western Sydney, is a 5,000 metre-square sports centre that will contain four FIBA basketball courts. It’ll also house over 21 sports and activities that will allow up to 1,000 spectators. A café for food, an outdoor garden styled milk bar, multipurpose training rooms, a soft play gym for children and family-friendly rooms.

This sports centre is the combined dream of Co-Founders of the Western Sydney Wolves and Diverse Abilities, Ronnie Khalil and Medeya Hamzze. The pair released a joint statement, expressed their joy at their vision coming true.

“The new indoor centre is a win for the Paramatta local government area and for Western Sydney as a whole,” they said.

“After an intense past two years dealing with lockdowns, the Billbergia Indoor Sports Centre will not only offer an outlet for families and members of the community to enjoy a multitude of sports and recreational activities, but on the economical level, a significant amount of money will be injected into the local economy.’’

For Billbergia Managing Director and owner, John Kinsella AM, this is a good move for the local community.

“For us, creating communities means investing in an environment that brings families and community members together, and inspires and promotes healthy, active lifestyles. We’re thrilled to be part of this transformational project for the community of Camellia,” Kinsella said.

The new sports centre will offer a wide range of indoor activities for residents to enjoy. Photo: Western Sydney Wolves/Facebook.

Billbergia has already signed a one-year partnership with Sydney FC A-League Women’s team and has sponsored the Sydney FC Academy which assists with the Sydney FC Youth Academy. These are just a few of the long list of investments Billbergia has made when it comes to supporting players, of all ages, across all sports.

Minister for Sport, Natalie Ward has stated her support for the stadium.

“The Billbergia Indoor Sports Centre is a win for the community, revolutionising the competitor experience and injecting millions of dollars into the local economy,” Ward said.

Member for Parramatta, Dr Geoff Lee has also voiced his support for the incoming stadium.

“The Billbergia Indoor Sports Centre forms part of an unprecedented investment in infrastructure in the area,” Dr Lee said.

“With improvements to integrated transport links and investment in local cultural facilities, Billbergia Indoor Sports Centre will be an extremely inviting precinct with a multi-use sports centre, outdoor space, indoor activity centre and kids play areas forming part of the project.”

Once the centre is completed and open, it’ll become the new home for the West Sydney Wolves Basketball Association. The centre is currently on track to be open in early 2022.

Tileah Dobson is an editor for W’SUP and the news editor for the Sydney Sentinel.

Tileah Dobson

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