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Hundreds of students celebrated the university community’s fifth annual Diversity Fest at the Western Sydney University Kingswood Campus. The Student Representation & Participation Unit initiative was created as an opportunity to unite by reflecting, sharing and embracing the diverse identity of Western Sydney.

The university sets aside two weeks per year to discover and personally reflect upon the areas unique and diverse culture. This event is a credit to the multiculturalism policy that Australia has embraced as a nation since the late 1970s.Western Sydney University is one of the most culturally diverse universities in the world with one third of students claiming ethnically diverse heritage. The region is home to over 160 cultural groups with one fifth of students born overseas.

Timeline: Multiculturalism in Australia.

There were over thirty stalls set up in the middle of Kingswood Campus sparking student conversation about cultural issues including asylum seekers, volunteer work, disability, indigenous and family support services.

Performances, activities and stalls at Diversity Fest Penrith.

Students enjoyed cultural music, live performances, free Mexican food and a dress up photo booth. The interaction elevated online as students were encouraged to share their photos on social media with the #diversityfest.

The entertainment continued with internationally acclaimed comedian Aamer Rahman, showcasing a lighter side of sarcasm towards the usually sensitive topics of racism and terrorism.Next on stage was the Bankstown Poetry Slam, a creative array of music, alternative rap and freestyle poetry tugging at the heartstrings of topics of inclusion, acceptance, politics and heartbreak


By Andy Arreza and the News Team

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Team Leader: Andy Arreza (B Communications – M: Journalism SM: Public Relations)

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Research Manager: Joanna Jones (B Communications – M: Public Relations SM: Journalism)

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Andy Arreza and the News Team

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