Adapting to your objectives By Josh Thomas


The five most important skills in life are communicating, making decisions, cooperating, accepting constructive criticism and managing time.


Having soft skills such as being faithful in relationships, and showing empathy when others have problems, allows for a more genuine relationship. You can gain confidence when talking to new people. Using compassion allows good judgement and listening skills to develop.

Making Decisions

Consider the cost before jumping into major decisions. Have a purpose in mind and consider the outcomes. Often the decision that is the hardest to make has the most benefits and is usually, worth it. Consider who you are and what affect it will have on other people when you make the right decision.


Being able to have a sport and collaborate with others, to achieve an objective is a useful practice. Being able to coordinate different activities motivates you to set objectives and be efficient. Cooperating with others is essential to learning off other people, talking about experiences, and being able to draw insights to help complete objectives.

Accepting criticism

Listening and engaging with feedback and asking questions about criticism we have received allows us to grow. Showing appreciation of criticism such as saying “thank you for that feedback”. This allows us to move forward and solve potential conflicts that could arise.


Managing time

Setting clear goals and developing a plan of attack is critical for organisation and prioritising what is important. A problem that can often arise is procrastination. You can combat this by working on a task for 15 minutes at a time. This will encourage you to continue to work on a task.


In workplaces, university, and in social situations it is important to take time to work on relationships, manage time and communicate effectively. In conflict it is important to see the other persons view and be appreciative of view. It is important to make decisions that derive the most benefits to you while also being able to take feedback when it is received. Finally, learning off others is essential for growth to develop the best ideas.

Joshua Thomas

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