Study hacks: Mobile apps to help you study


We did the hard yards for you and compiled a list of handy mobile applications to help you cruise through your degree. By saying this, we are not officially endorsing any products. *

vUWS mobile app

Western Sydney has its own mobile application for students, vUWS, which covers the units and subject areas you are studying, and APP 3.0, which covers the non-study related things like directions to the campuses, shuttle buses, careers and many more.


Notability is an iPad or iPhone app that can create notes which integrate handwriting, typing, drawings, audio, and pictures all in one, and can really help you keep track of your lecture. You can create your own sketches, use your own handwriting, and import PDFs, photos, and website screengrabs. Once you’ve imported them, you can write and draw directly on them, adding your annotations. With notability you can get maximum from the lecture and your notes should reflect that too. Starting price $14.99 in iTunes store.

Being organised is critical to your success at uni. helps organise tasks. This application is perfect for students who need to create a to-do list. It matches all tasks with other devices so that the list can be accessed from anywhere. You can change the priority of your entry, mark a task as completed, or even shake your device to remove all completed tasks. is a time manager that fits around your life, adapts to your requirements and helps you meet your deadlines by keeping a tab on your activities. This app works effortlessly with a lot of the calendars you may already be using, such as Google’s calendar .

The Oxford Dictionary

Yes, it comes as an app, too! It’s really easy to use: just enter the word into the app and get its detailed definition. The Oxford Dictionary app is a must-have tool for all students and available for free from Google store and iTunes.

Easy Bib

Just enter a book’s title and get the right citation! Easy bib can help create the right academic reference for any book. As referencing style can vary from APA, MLA to Harvard and over 7000 citation styles. This mobile app is a must for those students working on research papers as creating a bibliography can be frustrating at times.


Although only available for iPhones, StudyBlue is an exam revision-help app. It features creating, studying and sharing your own digital flashcards for free. You can copy and edit flashcards you like and customise your way.  It is a fun way to keep the progress of your studies. Other apps like Chegg which serve a similar purpose are also available for free from the iTunes store. 


Everybody loves TEDex talks. TED is a fun way to know more about the topic you love. It may not help with your university life directly, but you’re there to learn things, right? TED app is the best way to access TED’s educational, inspirational, and entertaining videos from your mobile device.

Plagiarism Checker

The golden rule of essay writing: do not plagiarise! Plagiarism Checker is a user-friendly, entirely free plagiarism detection tool to check whether you have unwittingly plagiarised content. Although not as accurate as (used by the Western Sydney University), Plagiarism Checker is free and it can help you protect your academic integrity, and become a better writer.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

You will never be afraid of forgetting your calculator at home with this app (well, you can still forget your phone, but anyway …  This calculator has more functions than comparable products and is simply easy to use.

* because some of them may siphon off your data and use it use for allegedly questionable purposes. But we really don’t know that so trust that you know that.

WSUP Editorial Team

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