Are we not one?

by | Aug 27, 2015 | First Person

By Emmanuel:

Why is it that we choose to live in a world walled in by the confines of man? There seems to be an ongoing need to classify ourselves into enclaves and identify by such limiting terms, but why is that so? We are of one human race. Our language is understanding and our religion is love. Yet it baffles me that these tenants are rejected so flagrantly by so many.


A holistic view of the world is still limited to all but a select few, and it is not due to our inherent nature. No, quite the opposite in fact. As children, we love freely. We coexist with one another in peace. We may encounter things we disagree with or that makes us angry, but by in large, these feelings are not held onto with contempt. Rather we let them go so that they do not impede our happiness.


If only we retained the innocence our eyes once gazed upon this world with, how different our lives might be. It is certain that our view of the world is shaped by the experiences we have. And it is through these experiences that we form our emotions, our beliefs and indeed our identity. Yet, it is only the strong who look beyond that which makes us angry or upset. Who contemplate and try to understand why, instead of giving into that of the flesh and dwelling with hate towards one another.


I believe that love has the capacity to do all things wonderful and mysterious. And so I say to you this, look to those around you. Do you see them with judgement? Though they are different, are they not the same as you? We all breathe the same air and bleed the same blood. And just as a drop of water appears from the sky and disperses into the ocean, so too do we come into this life and leave it.


Our understanding and love of all those in the world should shape how we celebrate our differences whilst always acknowledging our collective oneness. This is my diversity.



IMAGE: Love by Stanley Yuu

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