Australian Police “winning” on social media


By Emi Clancy:

Law enforcement can be one of the toughest jobs, but social media is changing the way the community sees these individuals and is able to show a side not normally seen on duty.

In a term that is described as “winning the internet”, the Queensland Police Service has won hearts with witty posts on the official Facebook page, most recently getting on board, quite literally, with Back to the Future day on October 21.

The official Facebook page for the Queensland Police posted a photo with three officers allegedly driving hoverboards to a crash scene, with the caption: “Officers from the Mount Isa Hoverboard Unit are investigating a crash involving a silver vehicle travelling at 88mph  #BackToTheFuture”

In a statement released on the Government website, the Queensland Police described the investigation.

“This morning police officers from the Mount Isa Hoverboard Unit were called to attend a traffic crash on Rodeo Drive. A silver sedan had crashed into a power pole near the cinema. When questioned what speed he was doing, the driver stated that he was doing 88 miles per hour. A 17-year-old man was charged and was in possession of a licence that expired over 30 years ago. Investigations into the vehicle and what a flux capacitor is are ongoing. The Mount Isa Cinema received a loss of power to the building. Owner Jodi Saunders said the driver got out of the car and asked for a Pepsi. He also wanted to know when we would be playing Jaws 19,” Jodi Saunders said. The damage to the power pole caused a power outage to the area. Mount Isa Mayor Tony McGrady advised that the power outage caused damage to the town clock, which has stopped working. We have repairs underway to save the clock tower,” Mayor McGrady said.”

However Queensland was not the only state to be involved in the jokes, with the Tasmanian Police Facebook page posting a status with a ‘report’ of the Back to the Future car and occupants.

Police in South Australia also claimed to have arrested individuals involved in a “hoverboard chase and altercation at the Courthouse Mall.”

Many social media users have praised the Facebook pages of Australian Law Enforcement, staying it showed a side of the Police Force that people don’t often see.  One user, Brian Hill, wrote: “QLD Police win the internet yet again today haha”.  A comment that attracted 1,029 likes in agreement.

(Photo courtesy: The Queensland Police Facebook page)

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