Shabnam Siddique

Shabnam Siddique is a poet, writer and mixed-media artist. Her work often has a poetic-style and portrays self-reflection, conversations about emotions, human experiences and little things in life. Shabnam is currently following her Masters degree in psychotherapy and counselling at Western Sydney University and is in her final year of training to be a therapist. She is also finalizing the manuscript of her debut poetry collection. Her art and poetry are showcased on Instagram portfolio: @the_desperate_star.gazer

Articles by Shabnam Siddique

February 14, 2024

Strength in solitude

A personal reflective essay on life as a first-year student at Western Sydney University, written in poetic-prose style describing the highs and lows ...
By Shabnam Siddique
March 19, 2024

W’SUP team at the student leaders’ retreat: discovering community and building connections

W'SUP News team members share their experience at the recent Student Leaders' retreat at Crowne Plaza hotel in Hawkesbury Valley. ...
By Shabnam Siddique