Solo dates are underrated

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Have you ever caught yourself cramped up in your room after a day of studying or coming home after a long shift and catching yourself scrolling through Instagram stories of people in cute outfits and fun places? Thinking, “After my exams are over, it would sure be nice to go somewhere with a friend.” But why can’t you go on your own? This is precisely what I thought when I arrived in Sydney – I have so many fun places to see but no one to go with. Fast forward to months later when I look forward to the fun solo dates that I set for myself, by myself.   

The perks of solo dates are figuring out new places without waiting on anyone else and going whenever, and however, I feel! It also helped me get over my fear of being alone, and the more I started enjoying my company, the more at ease I felt about myself.  

Here is a beginner guide to solo dates if you are afraid to do anything daunting first.  

Feeling artsy?   

I love to be surrounded by art, and there are many locations to explore, from photo galleries to vivid abstract paintings. I recommend first going to the city and visiting the Modern Museum of Contemporary Art and the Art Gallery of NSW . The websites have a summary of what is available to the public and when the exhibits will be displayed.  

If you do not want to go all the way to the hub of Sydney, a small trip to any of the closest art centres in your town is also quite enriching. Like the Campbell town arts centre, a place for multidisciplinary contemporary art in Southwest Sydney.   


As winter settles, I recently ventured out in pursuit of warmer clothing, and the best way to save your wallet is by first going ‘opportunity shopping’ (most referred to as op shopping). Op shops, or charity shops, are operated by non-profits or charities that sell second hand items, ranging from clothes to books and ornaments. I recommend looking for the closest ones in your area and planning a route to go to as many as you can; I am lucky enough to stumble along six op shops in my area. Here are some popular charity shops that have several branches all over Sydney, Vinnies,   Anglicare,  and Lifeline

Bookworm in every nook and cranny  

This is for anyone who loves reading (and making a subtle show out of being the main character for a day). I like discovering new places by finding parks and cafeterias, putting my phone aside and immersing myself in a great book. If you are not a reader, this is also great for other creative activities like sketching your surroundings and soaking into your writing works in progress, whether by a lovely park or with a cup of coffee.  

One day, just take yourself out on a cute little date; you will greatly appreciate it and even be amazed at how cool you are to be enjoying your own company. 

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