Bankstown Student Campus Council Update

by | Mar 8, 2016 | Campus News

By Daniel Griffin and Grant Murray:

What is Student Campus Council ?

The normal explanation goes that the council “represents” and “advocates for” the students.

Additionally, each campus council gets a budget of $15,000 to spend on events for students, or campaigns.

The council holds meetings once a month, which are posted on Orgsync; council members, non-voting office bearers and interested students not officially involved on the council attend.

The student council members have to vote on what to do with their budget. A majority of the student members need to be in favour of something for it to happen.

The council can take your complaints, comments, feedback and suggestions to the Uni on your behalf, more or less.

Student council members are paid sitting fees for their representation. ($$$$$)

Who’s on the council ?

Every campus has a council made up of students, consisting of:

6x General members

2x Club and Society members

1x International member

1x Post-graduate member

1x Residential member

The idea is to get a mix of points of view. Normally they nominate themselves and are voted in by all students.

What have the Bankstown SCC done so far ?

Last year (late 2015) only two people (Grant and Daniel) successfully nominated themselves for Bankstown SCC 2016. So mostly what we’ve been doing so far is getting those positions filled, which involves raising awareness of these empty positions, taking Expressions of Interest for the positions, and choosing the right candidates for those positions.

We also have been handing out free cans of soft drink away in O Week and other stationary around orientation time.

What will the Bankstown SCC do for the rest of the year ?

Good question. That’s partly up to you. We need ideas and stuff. It’s no good being on a “student” council if I’m going to dictate what the council should do for students. We need your input. Send your complaints, comments, feedback and suggestions to

If you’re at Bankstown campus, you can visit the reps in BA-1.1.210 Monday-Friday, there’s normally someone in there at some point of the day.


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