Bankstown Student Council on Transparency and Student Experience


By Grant Peter Murray, Chair (Acting) Bankstown Student Campus Council and SRC Member:

The students of Western Sydney University have been appointed a Chief Student Experience Officer under their noses. What, might you ask, does this newly appointed role entitle? In fact, the position holds a connective link between departments and student representatives and students. How many more cogs in the machine do we need to make things happen ?

I have been elected to the Bankstown Campus Council for 2016 and I aim to fight for our voices to be heard in the discussion of matters that affect our everyday lives. We need to be included in the conversation in decision-making processes, because we are very much the vitality of the university. We are the blood that pumps through the veins at 7.30am, to make that commute, to get a good car park, to not miss the train or bus. We make the heart of the campuses beat unswervingly day in, day out, running off copious amounts of caffeine and adrenaline, usually with lack of sleep. Without the student body, the university would be a husk.

What I ask of you, the student, is to get involved. In order for the university to take a generally apathetic student community seriously is to reclaim the vision we have lost to make this community great. The vision is equity, harmony and justice for all, right? But also this vision includes a university community that helps those in need, creates awareness of our nation’s political blunders, steps out on the forefront of ground-breaking scientific and sociological research and, most importantly, fosters our region and home: Western Sydney. Help make change happen by demanding your Student Campus Councils act upon issues you are passionate about; chances are we are too!

Help make the university listen to our input.

Join the conversation.

Your voice.

Your council.



Grant Peter Murray

Chair (Acting) Bankstown Student Campus Council (SCC) Western Sydney University SRC Member

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