Bloomberg internship: Your chance in finance reporting

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Are you interested in storytelling and current affairs? Would you like to kick-start a career in finance journalism? Bloomberg is offering a 10-week paid internship starting in January 2023.

Bloomberg News is a global media outlet with branches in more than 150 countries, including an office in the heart of Sydney. This ranges between TV, radio, digital and print publications, with content circulating in over a thousand newspapers and magazines around the world.

In an interview with W’SUP, Bloomberg managing director, Ed Johnson explained interns would learn to draw links between seemingly everyday activities and events, and their impact on the economy.

The internship will provide training and practical experience in finance and business reporting across Australia and the globe. Interns will be trained in various areas of finance journalism, ranging from reporting on stock markets, politics, economy, social and environmental issues.

“You might be in the stocks team, working with stock reporters and editors who are covering the whole of Asia and reporting it to a team leader who might be based in Singapore or Hong Kong, but you’re also part of the Sydney newsroom and helping tell the broader Australian story,” he adds.

Interns will also benefit from mentorship by leading experts in finance and journalism for the duration of the internship, along with networking opportunities with industry professionals.

You don’t have to be a journalism or communication student to apply. The opportunity is open to students from various disciplines. Whether you’re studying law, business, communication, maths or history, all you need is a keen interest in journalism and finance.

“If you are a journalism student, don’t let the lack of business and finance knowledge put you off, and if you’re not a journalism student, we’re going to be as equally interested in you if you’re from a different academic discipline, we just want to see that passion for current affairs,” Ed said.

The managing director, however, did clarify some criteria for intending internees.

“We’re looking for a student who has an open, inquisitive, enquiring mind with a bit of an international mind-set who wants to look beyond the local story and try to tell that local story for an international audience. You just need to have an inquiring mind and a proven passion for current affairs,” he said.

The selection process includes video and face-to-face interviews, and a written test in the final stage. Even if you don’t make it, there are perks to going through the application process. This might include creating essential networks in the media industry, and potential job opportunities in the future.

“If you go through that process and you impress us, even if you don’t make the final cut, then we stay in touch with you, link up with you on LinkedIn and track your career progress. That pool of people that we get to know through the application process is the likely group we target when they hit a two-three years mark experience in the industry,” said Ed.

While this internship may be challenging for some students, due to a lack of prior exposure to finance and journalism, the support and guidance of the team at Bloomberg promises growth and development and an enjoyable experience.

“You’re working from day one basically. We realise that it’s quite a steep learning curve as you’re coming up to speed with new and unfamiliar topics, but we try to make that learning curve as manageable as possible. So, there’s plenty of mentoring, ongoing support and guidance,”


At the conclusion of the internship, interns may transition into a full-time role or a cadetship program.



Applications are open, apply through the link below:


For more information about the internship, register for the virtual information event that will be held on 15 September.



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