Call for shuttle bus schedule across campuses

by | Jun 2, 2023 | Campus News, Western Sydney

Travelling to and from campus is a daily routine for many students. Whether it’s hopping on public transport or relying on the shuttle bus system, getting around can sometimes be a hassle. 

The Student Representative Council (SRC) at Western Sydney University recognises the need for a shuttle bus timetable for on-campus residents relying on the shuttle bus for shopping and school, and students commuting from nearby stations. 

Shuttle Bus at Parramatta South Campus. Credit: Western Sydney U Facebook

In February, Residential Representative Belle Chung, introduced a motion to address this issue and bring an update to the current shuttle bus system. The aim was clear – establish a reliable shuttle bus timetable for all impacted campuses.

“The resolution recognises the difficulty and harm done to students’ well-being, especially residential students,” says Belle in an SRC statement. 

Currently, the shuttle buses have become increasingly unreliable, with the mobile tracker often malfunctioning and no written timetable readily accessible. This has resulted in a significant number of students struggling to make it to classes on time, lacking a way to plan their transit. 

Shuttle Bus Timetable Image. Credit: Western Sydney University website. 

Shuttle buses contribute to the well-being of our students. This inconvenience, in some cases leads students to consider driving, which in turn, brings its own set of challenges. Particularly when it comes to campuses like Parramatta South, it can be quite stressful to find available parking, in addition to paying for the daily fees of a parking ticket, which can range from $7 – $9 daily. While the shuttle bus can make students’ lives easier, the system needs to be utilised more effectively and enhance the mobility for all students. 

Adding to that, the continuous shuttle service is can also contribute to environmental issues. The emissions generated by the constant bus rotations are considerable. By implementing a timetable, the frequency of shuttle buses can be optimised, leading to reduced emissions.  

“The SRC requests that Western Sydney University develops and maintains a regular and dependable shuttle bus timetable for all impacted campuses, including Bankstown (Milperra), Campbelltown, Hawkesbury, Parramatta, and Penrith, as well as any future campuses that may have similar service. 

Western Sydney University must support this project to improve shuttle bus services and collaborate to make the campus more convenient and student friendly.”

It’s time that the needs of students are prioritised when it comes to campus transportation. By implementing a well-structured shuttle bus timetable, the university can ensure reliable and efficient travel for all students, making their academic journey smoother and stress-free. 

If you have any on-campus related issues or concerns you want to raise, reach out to the SRC at

By Bowen Fucile, edited by Josh Thomas

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