New international student? Try the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk

by | Mar 21, 2018 | Off Campus

Ever gone to the beach and thought to yourself  “Where would I go if I kept following the shoreline?”
Or maybe you’ve visited Bondi and wondered what other areas you could explore in Sydney.

For those interested, the coastal walk starting from Coogee Beach to the famous Bondi Beach (or vice versa) allows you to not only to see other landmarks here in Sydney, but also lets you  explore it all on your own.

Due to a landslide, this area is closed off and still going through re-construction. This is also the halfway point of our walk

Be aware though, that once you start this journey, there is no going back – unless you know the city bus routes. It is however, worth it … just a 50 minute treck between beach to beach, point A to point B. You will be able to see wonderful cliffside views of the ocean, waves crashing through the rocky walls of the country, and just see there is more to Sydney beaches than just Bondi.

Doggies aren’t allowed to be in this area of Clovelly beach

One of the interesting spots to see during this walk is the waiting point for dogs  near Clovelly Bay as the area doesn’t permit pets to enter. All the dogs that can’t  come with their owner just know this is the spot they need to stay in until their masters’ return.

The best time to go is during the early hours of the day when it’s not too hot and you’d get to feel the cool ocean breeze.

If you live in the western suburbs and want to use public transport to get there, take the train the Central, then a connecting train to Bondi Junction, and at Bondi Junction hop on to the 380 bus, which takes you directly to the beach.

Author: Erielle Sudario

Erielle Sudario

Video Journalist, Photographer, and Blogger from Western Sydney, Australia.

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