Dear baby queer…


By WSU student

Dear baby queer,
now that you’ve finally made the right decision
to be queer or trans
or just other than “normal”,
it is my pleasure to welcome you to my lovely world of rainbows.
Attached you’ll find your magical unicorn and glitter, enjoy!

Now down to business,
due to the sudden increase
in visibility of the magical unicorn population,
we are going to have to ask you to refrain
from displaying your unicorn in public.
It will make the cishet people jealous
of our magical powers and we don’t want that to happen
as they may decide to hold a coupe to steal our powers away.

One day there may be a big dark cloud above your head,
it may already be there.
Either way I feel that I must inform you
that this is sometimes side effect off our magical powers.
Many of our magical brethren suffer the same affliction,
but you do not have to battle it alone
we do not want to lose another sibling to these dark evils.

I am also sorry to inform you that
there is sadly sometimes conflict
within our magical community.
If you happened to have chosen to be bi or pansexual
you might encounter “purists”
who insist that since you can appear straight
you aren’t truly queer.

Oppositely if you chose to be gay
you may encounter “elitists”
who will tell you they are better than you
because they do not close off options based on biology.
If you thought you found the answer to avoiding conflict
by not experiencing any sexual attraction
you were sorely mistaken
as people will not believe that is possible
and may try to “convert” you.
At this current point in time
there appears to be no win win situation.

If you have chosen to be trans,
instead of or as well as queer,
congratulations are in order
as you have chosen to embark down a road
of indeterminate difficulty and possibly full of setbacks.
You have the option to change your name,
get a haircut,
buy a new wardrobe,
go on hormones,
bind/ tuck,
a whole new world of possibilities have opened up to you enjoy.

If you are wondering about the decision you have made,
it may be worth noting it can be hard,
it can be difficult,
it can be full of struggles every step of the way,
but nothing good is ever easy.
Whilst sexuality and gender are fluid and can change,
you’ve already made the hardest decision of all,
being true to yourself,
don’t follow the crowd its ok to be different,
and enjoy your brand new magical unicorn.

Thank you and have fun
The grand high queer



IMAGE: Rakka

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