Diversity me

by | Aug 3, 2015 | First Person

By Jacob Moriarty:

Irish Catholic born and raised, but forget that.

I met my mate at a Dr Who event, where he wouldn’t shut up and I wondered if he was gay, and he really spoke so much, but that didn’t matter, because he seemed cool and liked the same thing as me, so I added him to my mental ‘friend’ list and left it at that.

Then we went to another event, years later, when a girl with blue hair showed up and had him in her eye. I said “go for it, there’s nothing to lose but gain.”

Then some years later, he’s chased her up, and he’s moving from WA to NSW, or at least wants to. “Come on over,” I say without a second thought, “I need someone to move out with too. New state, new house, new life, right?”

So we live together, and he’s gay, but it doesn’t mean he can’t love a woman, and he does, the blue-haired girl, who isn’t a girl in her mind, but is rather pan-gendered and chooses based on the randomness of the day. Her hair’s no longer blue, and he doesn’t talk so much as he used to, but we still watch Dr Who together and are great friends.

I’m just normal myself, but I feel blessed to live alongside such off-the-road people. I almost feel normal inside my own mind when I consider the problems I’m facing, and am daily reminded of the completely different range of problems any other human can face.

So “diversity” me. I’ve always thought a human being was a human first, and anything else second.

IMAGE: Andres Musta

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