Diversity: Thoughts from Parramatta Student Council

by | Sep 13, 2016 | Campus News

Diversity. Sometimes it’s not as visible as seeing multicultural individuals or differently-abled students working or spending time together. Diversity; sometimes it’s in the small things we enjoy.

So as you sit down with your friend from another part of the world and eat food that is from another culture, let me tell you what diversity on our campus means.  It’s the smell of Indian food, halal snack packs, Chinese food, and Thai food as you walk from one class to another. It’s feeling safe to voice your opinions. It’s knowing that there is a women’s room on campus and you are always safe.  It’s seeing mature students and younger students working together to perform amazingly. It’s having events like “Wear it Purple” day to give individuals the voice to say “I am who I am and my sexuality and gender identity does not change that”.

It’s what teaches us to respect one another regardless of age, sex, race, sociocultural, sexual orientation, ability, status, language, religion or anything that sets you apart from another individual.

To celebrate this diversity, the Parramatta Student Campus Council supports various multicultural events as well as clubs. Their support was seen recently as they held a Free Halal Snack Pack event on campus and everyone was able to enjoy different cultural food, and petition to have more halal options on campus.  This event saw many Muslim, as well as non-Muslim students come together to enjoy a meal together and help provide more food for these individuals by signing the petition. To support students with different sexual orientation and gender identity, the council have brought on a new member; Maxwell Jane Dwyer, to hold the LGBTIQ+ portfolio.  And to ensure that students that are differently abled both physically and mentally are represented, a new member, Christine Cardona, now holds the Disability Portfolio.  With the new members’ help, we hope to deliver more events like the Wear it Purple Day. We also have two ALLY representatives – Marija Yelavich and Christine Cardona.

To learn more about how diverse we are at Parramatta campus, join us at Diversity Fest, 21st September outside The Hub.

Richa Mistry

Clubs rep- Parramatta Student Campus Council

President- Western Sydney University Indian Society

“We have such a diverse population on campus, it really is such a vibrant community. Unfortunately for our queer population, many can’t express their diversity at home. Our university gives them a valuable and vital outlet to explore and celebrate our diversity, and I think that’s one of the most amazing things there is”

– Maxwell Jane Dwyer, LGBTIQ+ officer Parramatta SCC

“Diversity Fest is not only about respect and acceptance of cultures but that each individual is unique; it’s about understanding each other and embracing the diversity contained within each individual”

 – Christine Cardona, Disability Officer Parramatta SCC.

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