Exam Packing List


2B pencil and eraser: You never know when they are going to sneak in a shifty shade the circle multiple choice section.

A clear water bottle: No coloured plastic or writing on the bottle. RIP all of you who thought you could hide a list of spelling words or your formulas on the label.

A packet of tissues: Because the only thing worse than having to listen to a sniffler, is being a sniffler.

Highlighter for key points: Some times they hand you way too much info, skim read and highlight your way to that HD.

Student ID card: Make sure you bring it with you or they’ll charge you $15.75 for a paper print out ID card that the bottle-o won’t accept as photo ID.

Red pen for underlining: Because in-margin commentary is far more “dank” if it’s in red. Apparently tutors don’t appreciate being told “be less shit” if it’s in black or blue.

Comfy jacket: Brace yourself, the aircon is blasting. Exam rooms are notoriously cold so bring something that will keep you warm but also allow you to make full use of your arms.

A pair of spares: There’s nothing worse than pen that dies or a super dull pencil, that is until you spare pen explodes or your back up pencil falls apart. Bring a spare and bring a spare spare.

Put your phone on the desk, don’t keep it in your bag: Seriously, if you think the fine for your phone going off whilst on the desk is bad, you should see the one for it going off in your bag. Plus you’re the dickhead who’s phone went off, and spent five minutes trying to find it, to turn it off. PUT. YOUR. PHONE. ON. YOUR. DESK.

Bags go at the front of the room or outside: If you bring a bag, you’re going to have to keep it at the front of the room or outside. Randos are going to rummage through the pile of bags and you might not be able to keep an eye on it at all times. Exam day is probably a good day to keep your finest jewelry and family heirlooms at home.

Post exam treat: Once you’ve done the thing it’s time to have a binge. Pack yourself a treat, whether it be chips, lollies or chocolate. Vodka, if you’re not driving. You deserve it.

By Alley Pullen with W’SUP editors.

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