Experience Hemp Health


Discover the beneficial traits of cannabis and hemp, on the 18th to 19th of May at Rosehill Racecourse Exhibition Centre.

From food to oil, and even a fashion show, the Hemp Health & Innovation (HHI) expo aims to promote the positive side of cannabis and hemp use. Michelle Crain, an event organiser for the HHI expo, has travelled to many countries and attended expositions that discuss the beneficial traits of cannabis use.

“I thought in 2016 it’s about time to make the public aware that the plant is beneficial in so many ways for health, food and fabric,” Crain said.

This exposition hopes to put an emphasis on the positives that the plant can have, and the organisers want to de-stigmatise cannabis use, as they say these perceptions may intercept many audience’s and their perspective on the plant.

“It helps take away the stigma that people just use it to get high, it’s not about that anymore. It’s about bringing back the benefit and showing it to generations because it can be something that can help the planet,” Crain said.

This year’s expo will hold a variety of different stalls that will help promote the facts and benefits of cannabis. Some stalls featured will include food stalls with food made from hemp, and even hemp oil for pets.

There is also hemp fashion exhibition that will be displayed and modelled, showcasing the different hemp fabrics. According to Crain, there will be a large, flowing gown, made of 100% hemp and silk fabrics.

Tickets are available on the HHI expo website, and if you are interested in the medicinal side, you can pay and book an appointment at the event for a consultation with the Cannabis Access Clinic. Keep in mind, they will not provide a prescription on the day, rather just to see if you’re eligible for one.

The event runs for one weekend from 18-19th of May and you can keep updated on their social media sites including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Disclaimer: W’SUP does not promote the illegal use of cannabis.

Written by Rebekah Manibog

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