Feelings for you


Feelings for you
I hear you call me honey, baby, darling and more.

But I can’t stop but wonder what exactly you want cuz you haven’t come clear.

Don’t wanna feel another touch, don’t wanna give my heart to another stranger

I’ve been hurt. Don’t get me wrong I know you ain’t him. Because your words feel like poems.

As much as I try
I yearn to hear your voice in the morning before waking up, during the day, when I’m about to complete a task, when shit happens and still I wanna hear it before retiring to bed.

What makes you different?
What makes you think you can just come out of the blue and glance yourself at night to steal my heart?

Come out clear, it’s time to testify. I thought of a thousand ways to ask you if….
But I just don’t know.
You found a light in me that’s drips like fire.
I enjoy our two hours plus conversation that redefines the 60 min dating rule.
It’s funny I used the word dating cuz it ain’t even the case…
You see that’s why I hate you cuz you make me insecure and secured aswell. With you, it seems as though all I got to do is trust you and you shall ride me home safely.
That’s a dangerous game.
I love watching you eat, arms on the table, with face all focus, it’s funny how you make all this noise with cutleries as if you were regressed to a five-year-old.
I fantasize while watching your eyelids blink thrice before they finally give up into sleep. Watching you sleep make me feel the world is a peaceful place as though evil was schizophrenic hallucination.

Where are you? What are you? What do you seek? Are you genuine? what do you feel?

Oh dear,
It was but a dream

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