by | Feb 9, 2016 | Culture Vulture

By Dina Capilnean:

Can’t do these assignments no more
Can’t work for the man no more
Don’t wanna be a corporate girl
No more listening to the world
Not gonna listen to your whines and cries
And pick you up from your hangover nights

Try to be me for just one day
My shoes don’t fit anymore
I put on clothes of another woman’s mind
Only to be told to conform for the rest of the world

I’m not going to be a slave girl
Artistic dreams will always be heard
Maybe I’m living an impossible dream
But I will never be someone I cannot truly be
I’ll be free living in the sun
While you’ll be at your desks
Watching when death ticks to come

While you’re reading your fame magazine on the bus
Scrolling on your phone, hearing a person cuss
Think of the fact that out there is a person like you
Running for their lives, having a dream too
Instead they would accomplish it if they had the facilities too
But only you… Have everything and could still be an insecure fool


IMAGE: Ken Douglas

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