Gaming is the future of learning


By Erielle Sudario:

The use of games and technology to teach and engage the new learners is the way of the future, says Phil Spencer, the head of X-Box as he stated that “How the gamers and the gaming industry are the early adaptors to new technology and its how they innovate technology to great gaming experience”. Phil Spencer gives out a keynote address to the gamers who attended the EB Games Expo. He talked about how the gaming community are the contributing to the future of technology and is becoming a learning tool.

Spencer said that during his time in Australia, he talked to multiple universities and indie game developers in Australia to discuss on how they could improve the gaming industry. He also stated that during the Expo, he was walking around the different exhibitions from multiple brands and companies and is amazed on how friendly and inviting the Australian gaming community is. He also mentioned about the implantation of VR in games and how it’s the gaming community and developers taking the first leap into its development.

“Its about all of us going together, having fun. Its amazing how the gaming community is friendly and inviting” Spencer’s plan is to make future of their gaming franchises accessible to everyone. From the beginners to the professional, they want to make their video games inclusive for everyone. “Something that’s critical to xbox, is the gamer, how its centred around them” Spencer said. “What do u want to do? What do you want?”

During an interview with ABC’s Good Game, he talked about how the Australian gaming industry is similar to the States’ and how it’s creators are rooting and supporting each other.


“I get asked a lot on how do I get into the industry, what do I do? And I just say to them just go create something. Because when you go create something, the process of putting something out, getting feedback, getting slammed for certain things, getting applaud for other things, these are the critical steps in somebody’s step in working in video games”. (Good Game Pocket, 2016)

Phil Spencer on Stage

Photo taken by Erielle Sudario

At the end of the presentation, Spencer thanked the gamers and the fans as it’s them that helped improved and developed the features the gamers want and helped them create new innovations to technology. “It’s all about you. You play games, you pay money to go to an expo, this is a pastime, a passion, a creativity and fun. That is important to millions of people.

“Hearing your feedback is fundamental to the products that we’re building and it drives the team” Spencer said. “I want to say thank you. The people here are so fantastic”.

Spencer sees great passion in the Australian gaming industry and believes that there is potential for future Australian developers to contribute to the future of gaming and technology.

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